The name of the project

Don’t worry, it shouldn’t be the final project name. It’s just a tool for us to easily identify you while we are examining your application.

The project vision

Try to briefly summarize your project vision. For instance, you can use famous companies in your comparison, like “we are the Flickr of videos“

Your project in details

Describe the problem, the idea and the execution in details, like you were trying to explain it to a child.

The problem / opportunity

The idea

The execution in details

Who are your competitors?

It’s always a good sign if you have competition. It means you found a problem that is real and concerns many.

What do you think that makes you / will make you better than competition?

Even if it’s a somewhat similar idea it has to have something in it that makes it nicer / better / faster than the others.

What do you think is the competition’s “secret sauce” of their success?

Knowing your competition’s strength is as important as knowing their weaknesses.

Present state of the project

Be honest — less is more!

What do you want to achieve until the end of the 6 months?

Even if your final goal is world domination, we would like to know how do you see your project by the end of the program.

What kind of skills does the team have?

For a project to become successful only a good idea is not enough. The hardest part is the execution. Make sure your team has all the necessary skills the project needs.

How many of you are in the team?

If you’re selected, all members of your team are gonna receive the confirmation e-mail.

1th member
2nd member
3rd member
4th member

Other team members

Write here the names and resposibilities of the other members of your project.

How long have you been working together?

If you could have some fights and be friends again, it’s also a good sign. ;)

KiBu and the project

What do you need from KiBu?

You can choose more than one option!


Describe the ‘Other’ from previous form:

We're organizing the Hackathon as the 3rd round of the recruitment where we're going to ask you to build your prototype in 24 hours. List all the necessary equipment and tools that will be needed

Monthly draft schedule

If you already have a detailed schedule you can post its link at the last question

First month

Second month

Third month

Fourth month

Fifth month

Sixth month

What will happen with the project after the program? What’s your mission?


Where did you hear about the program and / or about Kitchen Budapest? (optional)

External links (optional)

If your project has a website, a blog, a photo galery, a youtube chanel, a github profile, behance portpholio, dribbble photos etc. you can post their link here.