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Wanna study further, but university fails to be practical enough? Wanna launch a business, but you do not know how to start? If you strive for mentoring, startup acceleration or just want to get things done, KiBu is the right place for you!

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Your challenge?Use your knowledge and network!

Gather a compatible team with members you get along with and put your collective imaginaries into working. Within 6 months you will be accessorized with a flash-and-bone prototype or a Proof of concept!

Don’t count on anything easy. Get ready for surprises, joy and all the drama that comes with it!

How does the Talent Program work?

Talent Program works as idea-development for either concepts with business potential or tech projects with experimental approach. Scope of the ideas is unrestricted, typically including robotics, AR/VR and mixed reality technologies, IoT, DIY media, game design, AI, neural networks, big data. The goal is to create a proof of concept or a prototype that can be pitched and showcased on Demo Day at the end of term.

The educational program is one of the main features of KiBu, targeting the next generation of digital innovators, creatives and technologists. Ideas with the greatest potential can qualify to a second batch in the Talent Program. Other future opportunities include easy-access to accelerator programs in the region or globally, finding investor funding and raising awareness to your project. We’ll help you after the program to move forward and turn your idea to a long-lasting success.

What KiBu gives you:

  • A budget of 1m HUF, in case you need equipment or software for the prototyping, we will get you all the necessary tools
  • Experts who you can learn from
  • Infrastructure that you can use to build and develop
  • Experiments where you can test and measure
  • Workshop space where you can use any equipment we have (3D printer, CNC router, soldering station, oscilloscope, multimeters and many others)
  • Dynamic workflow where sharing and helping is essential
  • International network that you can reach out to
  • Inspiring community that you can always ask from
  • Exhibition opportunity that you can use to present your work
  • Media exposure that you can use to make your work viral
  • Access to partners and investors that you can leverage
  • Best practices that you use during your research
  • Brainstorms where you can set your creative spirit free
  • A team that you can count on ;)

What we ask from you:

The idea

  • should address a technological challenge
  • should be innovative with experimental approach
  • a proof of concept or prototype should be realizable

The ideal team

  • has all the necessary skills covered to be able to create the PoC or prototype (development, design, management, other expertise)
  • applies with all the members listed in the application form
  • is available for at least 20 hours a week to work on the project,
    this is essential for the successful prototype development

What happens during the 6 months?

During the half-year-long program the talent teams have the opportunity to bring the best out of their ideas with a continuous support of our mentors.Our process consists of weekly pitches where the candidates present the progress in the research, design and development of their projects. There are several occasions to gain visibility on public events during the semester and the final pitch is on the KiBu Demo Day at the end of the Talent program which is a singular event to showcase the projects in front of a broader audience, press and investors.

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Application will close on 22nd Nov at 23:59 CET

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line!

Selection Process

Application deadline
Nov 22 — days remain
First Shortlist
Nov 24

Nov 30 – Dec 1

24h Hackathon
Dec 6 – 7
Talent Kick–Off
Jan 15